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Last Modified: 12-14-2011


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  • BlackBerry World for BlackBerry OS 7 and earlier
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  • BlackBerry® smartphones
  • BlackBerry App World™ storefront 



BlackBerry® smartphone users can view and manage items using the My World screen in the BlackBerry App World™ storefront. The My World screen is an online record of the items that a BlackBerry smartphone user has purchased or downloaded using BlackBerry App World. BlackBerry smartphone users can view which items have been installed and removed from within the My World screen. BlackBerry smartphone users can also write a review, contact vendor support, or recommend an item from within the My World screen.

The My World screen includes the following features:

  1. Each item purchased by a BlackBerry smartphone user is recorded in the My World profile and is linked with the BlackBerry smartphone user's BlackBerry® ID account. 
  2. All purchased, trial, and free items downloaded using BlackBerry App World are displayed in the My World screen. For more information, see KB17624.
  3. The current status of the item is displayed under each item name. Some possible states include:
    • Installed - The item is currently installed on the BlackBerry smartphone.
    • Uninstalled - The item has been uninstalled by the BlackBerry smartphone user.
    • Archived - The item has been archived on the BlackBerry smartphone.
    • Unavailable - The item is not currently available for download on that particular BlackBerry smartphone model or version of BlackBerry® Device Software. This could occur after switching to a new BlackBerry smartphone, or upgrading, or returning to an earlier version of the BlackBerry Device Software.
  4. The My World screen allows BlackBerry smartphone users to transfer purchased items to a new BlackBerry smartphone. For more information, see KB17625.
  5. The My World menu contains the following options:
    • Account Information
    • Payment Options
    • Refresh List
    • View details of the item
    • Recommend the item to others
    • Featured View
  6. BlackBerry smartphone users can write reviews for items that they have purchased or downloaded. Only one review can be submitted per item.
  7. The My World screen shows the status and progress of items currently being downloaded.
  8. The My World screen also shows indicators when upgrades are available for paid or free items.


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