How to create a BlackBerry ID

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  • BlackBerry ID

BlackBerry ID is a single, master key to BlackBerry products, sites, services and applications, including BlackBerry Protect and the BlackBerry World storefront.

To create a BlackBerry ID from a computer, complete the following steps:

Note: It is recommended that the email address used for the Username, can be accessed through a computer browser to keep record of account notification emails.

  1. From a computer, browse to and click the link to Create a BlackBerry ID online.
  2. Complete the required fields on the BlackBerry ID - Signup page, then click Submit.
     The Password cannot match the Password Recovery Question or Answer.
  3. A confirmation message will be displayed advising that the BlackBerry ID has been created successfully, click OK to continue. This will also send a confirmation email to the email address used for the accounts Username.
  4. To confirm the email address, click the link within the email message and when prompted enter the BlackBerry ID password. Note: The link within the validation email will expire after a 72 hour period.
    Note: If the validation email is not received, see KB28232. For details about confirmation such as re-sending a confirmation email see KB34137.

Confirming the BBID account helps to secure your BlackBerry ID account and ensure you are able to easily reset your password in future.

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To secure your BlackBerry ID account and ensure you are able to easily reset your password in future, please confirm your BlackBerry ID here

If you need further BBID support you can get support here

Field descriptions:

  • The Screen Name is a unique display name used to provide a way to identify the BlackBerry user's presence in various BlackBerry products and services without revealing any personal information (for example: When writing a review for an application in BlackBerry World).
  • The Username is the BlackBerry ID account login name as well as the account's associated email address.

Applications that require a BlackBerry ID will also have a process to setup a new account from within the application. Refer to that applications User Guide for more information on how to complete this.  See the BlackBerry Documentation section of the website for the appropriate User Guide.

For recommendations on creating a strong password, see KB24331.


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