How to enable or disable calendar synchronization with an integrated Gmail email account

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Last Modified: 08-27-2012


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  • BlackBerry Internet Service
  • BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0
  • BlackBerry 6
  • BlackBerry 7
  • BlackBerry® Internet Service  
  • Gmail®

To enable Google® calendar synchronization with the BlackBerry® smartphone, the Gmail® account must first have the calendar enabled. To enable the calendar for the Gmail account, log into the web interface through and then access the Calendar option at the top of the screen. Accept or update Name and Time Zone information if required. If the Gmail calendar has been previously used, these steps may not be required.

Once the Gmail calendar has been enabled, the following steps can be completed on the BlackBerry smartphone:

For BlackBerry Device Software 5.0:

  1. Launch the Email Settings application within the Setup folder on the BlackBerry smartphone.
  2. Select the Gmail address and select Edit.
  3. Scroll down and expand Synchronization Options.
  4. Select the Calendar check box and click Save.
  5. Confirm the Gmail password, and click OK.

For BlackBerry 6 and BlackBerry 7:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Email Accounts > Internet Mail Account
  2. If prompted, enter your user name and password for your BlackBerry Internet Service account and hit Continue
  3. Select the Gmail address, press the menu button and select Edit.
  4. Scroll down and expand Synchronization Options.
  5. Make sure Calendar is checked, and then click Save.
  6. Confirm the Gmail password, and then click OK.

Information will start to synchronize. Please note that data synchronization may take several minutes to update on the BlackBerry smartphone. Data synchronization will by design only synchronize as far back as 14 days for individual events. Reoccurring events such as birthdays will appear past the 14 day threshold. Any future events will synchronize to the BlackBerry smartphone.

The BlackBerry smartphone user will be notified when synchronization is complete.

To disable the Gmail calendar synchronization, clear the check box next to Calendar in the Gmail account.

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Note: Two-way wireless calendar synchronization with Gmail requires BlackBerry Device Software and configuration through the Email Settings application on the BlackBerry smartphone. This feature is not supported on devices with BlackBerry® Connect™ software.

Note: Entries made from the BlackBerry smartphone are synchronized to the web-based calendar within seconds. For entries created on the web-based calendar, it can take up to half an hour for the appointment to appear on the BlackBerry smartphone.

For more information on Gmail calendar synchronization, see KB24209.


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