The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is unable to charge when powered off

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Last Modified: 12-04-2012


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  • BlackBerry PlayBook tablets
  • BlackBerry Playbook­ tablet
  • BlackBerry Tablet OS 1.0.1 to

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet requires software control in order to charge. This means the BlackBerry PlayBook must be powered on in order for the battery level to increase.

  • If the BlackBerry PlayBook is plugged into a power source while powered off it will automatically power on in order to accept the charge.
  • If the BlackBerry PlayBook is powered off while plugged into a charging source it will not continue to charge.

Note: If the battery level is critically low, the BlackBerry PlayBook may remain on the boot screen until sufficient charge has been reached to fully boot the BlackBerry PlayBook.


Update the BlackBerry PlayBook to BlackBerry Tablet OS

In BlackBerry Tablet OS there is a change in the charging behaviour. When the BlackBerry PlayBook is in a powered off state, plugging in the wall charger (not a USB cable connected to a computer) will cause the BlackBerry PlayBook to boot partway to enable charging. The LED light will blink yellow to indicate it is charging and once complete will turn green. When in the charging state, pressing the Power button will cause the BlackBerry PlayBook to continue booting.

Update the BlackBerry PlayBook to BlackBerry Tablet OS

In BlackBerry Tablet OS, there are additional on screen indicators in addition to the multi colored LED that will be displayed on the LCD screen under certain circumstances:

  • Once the yellow LED begins pulsating indicating charging mode, if the BlackBerry PlayBook is disconnected from the charger, the following graphic will be displayed on the screen, indicating charging is not complete, and to reconnect the power source.  The graphic will be displayed for 20 seconds before the BlackBerry PlayBook powers off if the power source is not reconnected.  The same graphic will also be displayed if the BlackBerry PlayBook is turned on and there is not sufficient power to perform the boot process.

  • If the BlackBerry PlayBook is plugged into a power source, and the power button is pressed to power on the device, the following graphic will be displayed if there is not sufficient power to perform the boot process. If this occurs, the BlackBerry PlayBook should be left plugged in to gain enough charge to boot.

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When the BlackBerry PlayBook is plugged into a power source and has completed the boot process into the  BlackBerry Tablet OS, an image of a lightning bolt will appear over the battery level icon, indicating that the device is charging.

Note: It is recommended that the BlackBerry PlayBook is charged via the included BlackBerry Premium Micro-USB Charger for PlayBook, as charging via USB connection from a computer will not provide as much current.  Using a USB connection from a computer will result in a much slower charge, and if the device is in use while charging, insufficient current to charge the BlackBerry PlayBook.

For instructions on how to update BlackBerry PlayBook software, see KB26152 .


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