How to troubleshoot native email on the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Last Modified: 10-18-2012


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry PlayBook tablets
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  • BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 to 2.1

This article provides information on performing basic troubleshooting of issues that may be experienced with the native messages application on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Unable to add an email account
  • Check to make sure there is an available internet connection by opening the Browser on the BlackBerry PlayBook and attempting to visit
  • Verify that the correct username/password is being used for the account by logging into the email provider's website, or by setting up the account in an email program on a computer
  • If the email account has a website available, please log in to verify there is no security question or CAPTCHA image that needs to be answered.
  • If connecting from behind a firewall, contact the system administrator to ensure that the correct firewall ports are open.
  • If trying to add an enterprise email account, please contact the system administrator for assistance.
Unable to send an email
  • Some internet providers prevent the sending of email from outside of their domain. If emails send properly when at home, but do not send when connected elsewhere, please contact the internet provider for assistance.
Unable to receive an email
  • If an email client is also being used on a computer for the same email account, please verify that it is not removing messages from the server. This can be done by closing the email client and attempting to send an email to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Please note that some email accounts may take up to 15 minutes to receive the email.
Unable to see items within a mail folder
  • By default, only Inbox, Sent Items, and Outbox folders are synchronized. To view messages in other folders, the folder may need to be refreshed by clicking the refresh button. Depending on the size of the folder it could take several minutes before messages are displayed.
Delays in receiving email
  • Check the Advanced Settings of the email account to make sure the Sync Interval is set correctly.
  • Please note that some accounts do not support push email even though they do on a BlackBerry smartphone.

Deleted messages are hard deleted on the mail server

  • When a message is deleted in the native messages application, the application passes this deletion request back to the mail provider to perform the delete action on the message. Depending on the settings put in place by the mail provider, this message may be either soft deleted (moved to a Trash or Deleted Items folder) or hard deleted (permanently deleted)
  • Examples, using the IMAP protocol, include:
    1. Gmail - hard deleted.
    2. Yahoo - soft deleted.
    3. Hotmail - soft deleted.
    4. AOL - soft deleted.
  • In the case of ActiveSync being used to synchronize messages, a deletion should be handled as a soft-delete. However in the case of Gmail, it is handled as an 'Archive' request.


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