Error "Unable to Activate Device"

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Last Modified: 04-29-2013


Product(s) Affected:

  • Universal Device Service
  • Universal Device Service

When attempting to activate an Android device, the following error appears on the device:

Activate Error Unable to activate device.

When attempting to activate an iOS device, the following error appears on the device:

Your device cannot be activated at this time. Please try again later or contact your administrator.

Looking at the Communication Log, the following is displayed:

DEBUG,"2012-07-09 12:05:40,628",6,0,"c8cda444-c0dc-4240-ad74-ba815bd70a21","DefaultRouteHandler (mdm/ping): HEAD",

DEBUG,"2012-07-09 12:05:40,667",6,1741,"c8cda444-c0dc-4240-ad74-ba815bd70a21","HTTP Request Completed: https://",

DEBUG,"2012-07-09 12:10:02,468",6,0,"afeaf830-2ddd-4712-a83a-1492bfba1428","DefaultRouteHandler (enrol): PUT https://",

DEBUG,"2012-07-09 12:10:05,084",6,0,"afeaf830-2ddd-4712-a83a-1492bfba1428","Enrol request, tenantName: default, userName: samficic, language: en, deviceUdid: 5F8A3A222A66D284BC856ABFB9B1B0A7, deviceHardware: umts_spyder, deviceOs: 2.3.6, deviceOsFamily: android",

ERROR,"2012-07-09 12:10:05,610",6,0,"afeaf830-2ddd-4712-a83a-1492bfba1428","BaseClient.GetResource error.

 uriTemplate: dm/tenant/{id_tenant}/user/{id_user}/activation

 filter: id_user:"4"



,Type: System.Net.WebException

,Message: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

,Source: System

,TargetSite: "System.Net.WebResponse GetResponse()"

,StackTrace:    at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()

,   at RIM.BUDS.Core.Client.BaseClient.UpdateResource(String uriTemplate, IDictionary`2 filter, Object message) in c:\ec_build\604689\BUDSServer\source\enterprise\BUDS\Server\Sources\RIM.BUDS.Core.Client\BaseClient.cs:line 509

WARN,"2012-07-09 12:10:08,467",6,0,"afeaf830-2ddd-4712-a83a-1492bfba1428","Unable to activate device"

Looking at the Core Logs, the following is displayed:

For failed activation of an Android device:

WARN,"2012-07-09 12:10:05,562",78,0,"afeaf830-2ddd-4712-a83a-1492bfba1428","User CheckActivation : The device activation with OS family id '2' is not allowed

For failed activation of an iOS device:

WARN,"2012-07-09 12:20:58,374",76,0,"596c0939-0494-4e4a-bc6d-4b4458b7fda5","User CheckActivation : The device activation with OS family id '3' is not allowed

The device activation settings for the user do not allow the device type to enrol on the Universal Device Service.
Make sure the device that the user is trying to enrol is allowed within the device activation settings.


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