BlackBerry World applications cannot be downloaded and installed from the BlackBerry World - Work application

Article ID: KB33705

Type: Support Content

Last Modified: 03-08-2013


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry 10 OS
  • BES10
  • BlackBerry Device Service
  • BlackBerry Device Service 6.2
  • BlackBerry 10 OS
  • DT 6839803
  • PR 296823

After the BlackBerry 10 smartphone has been activated on the BlackBerry Device Service server, the Work perimeter will be available. In this perimeter, the application BlackBerry World - Work is available. Within this application it is possible to download BlackBerry World applications that have been published via the BlackBerry Device Service. These applications will be listed in the Public Apps section.

Tapping the Download button to initiate the download and installation of an application should show this behaviour:

  1. Download button dims slightly.
  2. Download indicator appears.
  3. Upon completion of download, the application installs.
  4. The Download button has changed to Installed.
In some cases, however, the Download button will simply dim and no further activity will take place.

This issue can happen when the work perimeter is removed from the BlackBerry smartphone and then re-added by reactivating the device.

This is a previously reported issue that is being investigated by our development team. A resolution is currently unavailable.
Perform a security wipe of the BlackBerry 10 smartphone.


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