Location services issues

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Last Modified: 01-14-2014


Product(s) Affected:

  • Facebook for BlackBerry 10
  • BlackBerry Maps for BlackBerry 10
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  • BlackBerry 10 OS
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The following information is intended for retail support representatives who are assisting customers with troubleshooting.

The customer may experience the following issues:

  • The BlackBerry smartphone cannot locate current or saved locations.
  • Location services do not work for some applications, such as Foursquare or Camera, but do work for others, such as Facebook or Compass.
  • The customer cannot allow an application to use location services on the BlackBerry smartphone.
  • The customer cannot view the Maps application on the BlackBerry smartphone.
  • The customer cannot receive traffic data on the Maps application on the BlackBerry smartphone.

Explore the customer experience

To assist in troubleshooting the customer’s issues, use the following steps as a guide for troubleshooting:

  • Ask the customer if location services has worked. If so, determine when it stopped and what the circumstances were.
  • Ask the customer if they previously had issues with location services on their BlackBerry smartphone.
    • If yes, what were the environmental conditions, for example, was the customer inside vs. outside, in an urban vs. country location, etc.
  • Ask the customer how much time elapses until their position is accurately determined.
    • Depending on the conditions, the Time to First Fix (TTFF) could take quite a few minutes.
  • Ask the customer if the issue they experience is related to location services or the application they wish to use on their BlackBerry smartphone.
    • If location services is enabled and the customer location is shown on the Compass app, the issue may be with the customer’s application.
    • Check the customer’s application for issues such as permissions or whether location services is enabled within the specific application. For example, the camera only geotags a photo if geotagging is enabled within camera’s settings.
  • Ask the customer if the location services icon appears on the application grid (upper left corner of the BlackBerry smartphone screen) when an application that uses location services is running (for example, Maps or Compass)
    • The location services icon appears for a short duration after the application closes.

  • Ask the customer if they cannot see the Maps icon in the application grid on their BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Ask the customer if they can view any maps on their BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Ask the customer if they cannot view the current location in the Maps application on their BlackBerry smartphone.

Verify the customer’s settings on the BlackBerry smartphone

Swipe down from the top of the BlackBerry smartphone, tap the Settings menu, and then tap the Location Services menu. Use the following steps as a guide for troubleshooting:

  • Turn Location Services off then on.
  • Turn Traffic Data Collection off then on.
  • Turn Location-based Ads off then on.
  • Change location permissions for applications.
  • Check location services operations, if possible, in an area with a clear view of the sky.
  • Verify the behavior of the Compass app on their BlackBerry smartphone.
    • Check if current location detection is enabled in the Compass app and verify it is functioning.
    • If current location detection is disabled, slide the switch from Off to On.
    • If conditions are favorable, the name of the general location soon appears, followed by the exact location with latitude and longitude.


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