BBM for Android and iPhone is unable to send or receive messages when connected to a particular Wi-Fi network

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Last Modified: 05-07-2014


Product(s) Affected:

  • BBM for Android
  • BBM for iPhone
  • BBM for Android
  • BBM for iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch

When connected to a particular Wi-Fi network, BBM for Android and iPhone is unable to send or receive messages. When attempting to send a message a red clock icon is displayed next to the message and the message is queued to be sent. Messages that should be received while in this state will be queued in the network until a working connection is established.

When experiencing this issue, if the device is then connected to an available cellular network and not that particular WiFi network, messages that were queued to be sent or received will be processed and regular message flow will resume.

Additionally, when using another WiFi network, BBM for Android and iPhone may be able to send and receive messages.


The BBM for Android and iPhone application connects to the BBM Infrastructure using the address to negotiate BlackBerry ID authentication. The BBM for Android and iPhone application connects to the BBM Infrastructure using a SIP connection over a TLS transport to on port 443. In some WiFi network environments these connections may not be successful.

A BlackBerry ID connection to is required in the following scenarios:

  • When the BBM client is first setup
  • If the BlackBerry ID token is close to its expiration date/time
  • If attempts are made to modify BlackBerry ID settings
  • If the BBM for Android application is started from a stopped state or the smartphone is restarted.

Verify if the WiFi Network supports connections to using the following steps:

  1. Visit from the device's browser and attempt to sign in.
  2. Visit from a laptop connected to the same Wi-Fi router and attempt to sign in.
  3. Visit from a computer that is directly connected to the modem provided by your ISP (bypassing any router in the network) and attempt to sign in.

If only able to sign in to on the third of the above steps, the Wi-Fi router may be configured in a way that is preventing these connection attempts. Ensure that the latest firmware is installed on the Wi-Fi router and review the Wi-Fi router configuration settings to ensure that this connection is allowed.

If all steps are successful in attempts to sign in to, collect the following information so that this can be investigated further:

  1. Turn off the Cellular radio and leave the Wi-Fi radio on.
  2. Restart the iPhone, cellular enabled iPad, or Android device.
  3. Note and document the time on the device.
  4. Confirm Wi-Fi data is working by launching a website and confirming that the signal strength is strong.
  5. Open BBM.
  6. Confirm the application is not connecting by attempting to send a few test messages.
  7. Open the browser on the device, go to and attempt to sign in. Note whether or not the sign in attempt is successful.
  8. Wait about 5 minutes.
  9. Note and document the time on the device.
  10. Turn off the Wi-Fi radio and turn on the Cellular radio.
  11. Submit logs from BBM using the steps outlined in KB35080.
    Note: If you have an existing support ticket, enter the Ticket number as instructed. If you do not have an existing support ticket, use the Send Report Via Email button to send the log file to your own email address so that it can be provided to BlackBerry Technical Support Services when a support ticket has been opened.

Once the above information has been collected, provide it BlackBerry Technical Support Services using the existing open support ticket number. If you have not contacted BlackBerry Technical Support Services regarding this issue, do so by visiting one of the following support links and clicking the Contact us for additional assistance button:

Along with providing the logs to BlackBerry Technical Support Services, include the following additional information:

  • The exact time, down to the minute (for example, 10:17am), from steps 2 and 9 above
  • The PIN from the BBM for Android or iPhone application
  • The PIN of the contact(s) to whom test messages were sent in step 6 above

If the issue remains after attempting the Resolution steps above and you already have an open support ticket with BlackBerry Technical Support Services, reply to latest email you received.

Within the reply indicate that you are still experiencing issues with BBM message flow and request that your ticket be escalated for further investigation.


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