Multiple attempts to type in a password prompts a warning that data will be wiped from the BlackBerry smartphone

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Type: Support Content

Last Modified: 12-15-2011


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier
  • BlackBerry® smartphones

You have typed an incorrect password into your BlackBerry® smartphone up to five times and received a warning that the next failed attempt will wipe the data from your BlackBerry smartphone.


As a security feature, the BlackBerry smartphone is designed to allow a maximum of 10 attempts by the BlackBerry smartphone user to type the correct password. After the tenth attempt, if the correct password has not been typed, all data is erased from the BlackBerry smartphone in order to discourage its theft or misuse.

The counter for the incorrect password is shared between the BlackBerry smartphone, BlackBerry Desktop Software and a BlackBerry Bridge connection to a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. If the password is entered incorrectly in any of these locations, the counter will be reflected on the smartphone.


If you are certain that the password you are typing into the BlackBerry smartphone is correct, complete the following steps:

Note: If you are using the Duress Notification Address policy, skip steps 1 through 3 (for more information regarding the Duress Notification Address policy, refer to page 53 of the Policy Reference Guide).

  1. Deliberately type in an incorrect password five times on your BlackBerry smartphone.
  2. Before the BlackBerry smartphone allows a further attempt, you will be prompted to type the word blackberry in plain text.
  3. Instead of asterisks, the text you have been entering for the password will now show in plain text. Check to verify that it is correct.
  4. If the password is still being rejected by your BlackBerry smartphone as incorrect, connect the BlackBerry smartphone to a computer that has BlackBerry® Desktop Manager installed.
  5. A prompt will appear in BlackBerry Desktop Manager to type the password for the BlackBerry smartphone. Type your password to rule out missed key strokes, incorrect symbols, or a problem with the BlackBerry smartphone.

    Note: If you do not use the alt or shift key when entering the password on the BlackBerry smartphone, the password will consist of the corresponding letters on the keypad.

  6. If the password that you typed is still rejected and your BlackBerry smartphone is on a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server that has software version 4.0 or later, contact your BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator and request that your password be reset.

     Note: Research In Motion does not have:

    • Access to your existing BlackBerry smartphone password.
    • The ability to change the password for you.

If you are not on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server or using BlackBerry Protect, and you have forgotten your password, there is no way to have the password changed without wiping all data from your BlackBerry smartphone.


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