Commands to use with Java Loader

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Last Modified: 01-13-2012


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier
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  • BlackBerry smartphones

The Java Loader tool is used to install or remove Java applications and application data from the BlackBerry® smartphone, remove the file system from the BlackBerry smartphone, obtaining Java eventlogs, and much more. The following list is an overview of all commands that can be entered into command line using the Java Loader utility:

Command Description
DIR [-d]; [-s] Running the -d command will provied a full module listing with dependencies for the core operating system and applications installed on the BlackBerry Smartphone. Running the –s command will provide you with a full listing of all modules including ringtones, images, languages, etc.
Deviceinfo Running this command will provide PIN, OS version, Vendor ID, etc.
Load <file> Running this command allows you to install .cod files
Save <module> Running this command allows you to pull modules from the handheld
Info [-d] <file> Running this command allows you to pull information for a specific module
Wipe [-f | -a] Running this command will allow you to remove the file system, remove applications, or both
Erase [-f] <module> Running this command will allow you to delete a specific module
Debugmode Running this command will put the handheld in debugmode for detailed eventlogs
Eventlog Running this command will pull the debug eventlogs.  To save Eventlogs to a text file use javaloader.exe -u eventlog > c:\<file name>.txt
Settime Running this command will sync the time on your handheld with the time on the PC it is connected to


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