"Error backing up databases" message is generated at Smart Card Options database when backing up the BlackBerry smartphone using the BlackBerry Desktop Software

Article ID: KB29522

Type: Support Content

Last Modified: 03-09-2015


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Desktop Software for Windows
  • BlackBerry 6 to 7.1
  • BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0 to 7.0
  • BlackBerry Social Feeds
  • Windows
  • DT 2357173
When performing a full back up of the BlackBerry smartphone using the BlackBerry Desktop Software, the following error message appears:

Error backing up databases

The full back up process stops at the Smart Card Options database.

The cache for the BlackBerry Social Feeds application is scrubbed every 24 hours, however only the previous 180 days worth of data is removed.


To resolve this issue, perform a selective backup of the BlackBerry smartphone data:

  1. Launch BlackBerry Desktop Software
  2. Click on Back Up Now
  3. For the Backup Type, select Custom
  4. Click the check box next to the Data Type column header
  5. Scroll down to Social Feeds
  6. Click the box to de-select this database
  7. Click on Back Up
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Additionally, clearing the Social Feeds database will allow a full backup to be completed.


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