How to submit logs from BBM for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone

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Last Modified: 06-17-2015


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  • BBM for Android
  • BBM for iPhone  
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  • BBM for Windows Phone

BBM for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone can submit logs directly to BlackBerry Technical Support Services. To submit logs directly from these applications, complete the following steps.

Note: In order to submit logs, an Incident ID number must first be provided by BlackBerry Technical Support Services (for example, INC000012345678).

  1. Open BBM.
  2. Tap the More button (3 dots).
  3. Tap Settings.
    NOTE: For BBM for Windows Phone Tap  Settings About.
  4. Scroll down and tap the Report a Problem button.
  5. In the Incident ID field, type the Incident ID number provided by BlackBerry Technical Support Services.
  6. Tap the Upload to BlackBerry Support button.

The Report a Problem function can also be triggered from outside of BBM using the following steps:

  1. Receive an email with the following link:
    NOTE: use the following link for the iOS platform or if the above link does not work:
  2. Tap on the link and select the option to open the link with BBM.
  3. Follow the steps above (starting with Step 5) to complete the log submission.

Note: When submitting logs to an existing Incident, the Incident ID can be added to the link. For example, if the Incident ID is INC000012345678, the link would be

NOTE: Use the following link for the iOS platform or if the above link does not work: bbmi:///support/report?wc=INC000012345678  

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Logs can also be sent as an email attachment using the following steps:

  1. Open BBM.
  2. Tap the More button (3 dots).
  3. Tap Settings.
    NOTE: For BBM for Windows Phone Tap Settings - About.
  4. Scroll down and tap the Report a Problem button.
  5. Tap on the Send Report Via Email button.

Note: Sending logs as an email attachment, if the logs are intended to be sent to a BlackBerry Technical Support ticket, the Incident ID must be added to subject line of the email.


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