Unknown liability state causes the BlackBerry 10 smartphone to consume a Gold - BlackBerry (EMM Regulated) server license

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Last Modified: 05-12-2015


Product(s) Affected:

  • Enterprise Solutions
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.2
  • JI 665858

If BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 does not have any Gold - BlackBerry (EMM Regulated) licenses, and a device with a corporate liable SIM fails to report the correct liability state to BES10 on activation, BES10 issues a Gold - BlackBerry license to be used even though none exist. This leads the Gold - BlackBerry license type to be out of compliance.

The device not reporting its liability state correctly can be attributed to Cause 4 of KB34394. In this case, usually BES10 should send the following error back to the device:

Device activation cant be completed because the server is out of license, for assistance contact your administrator.

At times the server activates the device utilizing the Gold - BlackBerry license, even though this type of license does not exist on the server. The following logs may be seen when this issue occurs:


[INFO ] (03/21 12:40:16:190):{http-38444-exec-72} MWSHandler:{BlackBerry/ EMA/ IMEI/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PIN/12G34H56 PerimeterId/a1111111-b222-c333-d444-e4444444444.User01.001}:Failed to get liabiliy state for perimeter: 001 returning default liability state: NA

This is followed by the request by the EMWS Service to add a user without a corporate liable SIM:

[INFO ] (03/21 12:40:28:124):{http-38444-exec-77} MWSHandler:{BlackBerry/ EMA/ IMEI/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PIN/12G34H56 PerimeterId/a1111111-b222-c333-d444-e4444444444.User01.001}:Start processing: GET /a1111111-b222-c333-d444-e4444444444/user/canAddDevice
[DEBUG] (03/21 12:40:28:829):{http-38444-exec-77} HttpRequestUtility:{BlackBerry/ EMA/ IMEI/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PIN/12G34H56 PerimeterId/a1111111-b222-c333-d444-e4444444444.User01.001}:HTTP response code: 200 from GET

On the next check made in the BlackBerry Administration Service logs, the increment of the server license count usage can be seen:

(03/21 23:45:20:497):{WorkManager(2)-7} [com.rim.bes.bas.licensepersistencemanager.BESLicensePersistenceProviderBean] [DEBUG] [BBAS-200] {u=SystemUser, t=00001} getCorporateLiableBlackBerryDeviceWithoutSIMCount count: 1

For steps to identify usage of each license type per user, see KB35900.


If the BlackBerry 10 smartphone SIM is provisioned for BB10 Advanced Service (also known as Corporate Liable), and an EMM Regulated activation type of Work and Personal - Regulated or Workspace ONLY is set on the server, complete the steps below before activating to ensure the correct liability state is sent by the device:

  1. On the BlackBerry 10 smartphone, open Settings > Network and Connections.
  2. Tap on each connection type (for example, Mobile Network Wi-Fi, etc.) and set each one to  Off (Note: Do not perform this operation using Airplane Mode).
  3. Once all connections are off, tap Mobile Network and set Mobile Network and Data Services to On.
  4. Tap the Back button twice to return to the  Settings menu.
  5. Tap About.
  6. Tap the Category drop-down list and select  Network.
  7. Tap the More button (3 vertical dots) > Register BlackBerry.
  8. Activate the device to BES10.
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Once this occurs, other devices that correctly report their liability state to BES10 should be able to activate without issues.


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